The Fraal are a recent and powerful alien race that has visited Earth several times in the past, finally establishing an embassy in the 18th century.

The Fraal are a short race, ranging from 3-4 feet high. They have gray skin, large eyes, and are devoid of hair. They are immortal, as uniquely in the universe, there cells endlessly regenerate. They also heal quickly, though there thinner bones and muscles make lesser injuries more severe.

The Fraal have 5 genders: Male(defined as creating sperm) Female(Defined as creating an egg) Natals(defined as the gender that carries the baby to egg laying) Secondaries(defined as creating sperm, but only capable of using it after egg laying) Defenders (No genitalia, but influence genes by pheromone production.)

Fraal males and females implant there sperm and eggs inside a natal, which then takes the baby to egg-creation. After which, a secondary grants a second layer of sperm on to the egg by means of a pollen like substance. Defenders also create a pheromone that helps implant there DNA* into the egg. Hence, all Fraal have the DNA* of 5 separate direct donors, creating a hardy and tough baby.

Fraal as a species evolved in the areas above tree line. Large stretches of the mountains connected at near this altitude, allowing the Fraal to survive the brutal and massive predators of the high gravity world. There gray skin was a form of camouflage for the massive granite formations of there home mountains.

The Fraal were originally a very peaceful race with very little knowledge of war. They cared very little for expansion, and lived as a culture seeking knowledge. When they finally contacted other races, the Fraal made a series of what they consider mistakes: raising races from barbarianism to quickly, gene-tweaking race to evolve faster, and underestimating other races desire for violence.

To this point in there history, the Fraal had never had a military. During a war with a race now extinct, the Fraal built the most powerful military in the galaxy, and used this new tool to force the creation of the Galactic Forum. The Forum is a place of open discussion for the galaxy, a place where disputes are first aired before war, and certain basic agreements of POW s, planetary bombardments, and the laws of war, economics and politics are created.

The Fraal are the most powerful nation in the galaxy, but control few planets. They have a network of alliances with smaller star systems that spreads across the eastern galactic arms.

*DNA refers to the human concept of gene memory. Fraal biology is so vastly different that these terms are only used as references, not true descriptions.


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